Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, a story of Middle Eastern origin, is one of the best-known tales from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (The Arabian Nights). Aladdin, an impoverished young loafer, is recruited by a sorcerer who persuades him to retrieve an oil lamp from a booby-trapped magic cave. After the sorcerer attempts to double-cross him, Aladdin finds himself trapped in the cave. Aladdin inadvertently rubs the lamp and a "genie" appears who releases him from the cave. The powerful genie is bound to do the bidding of the person holding the lamp and grants Aladdin three wishes.

With the aid of the genie, Aladdin becomes rich and powerful so he can court the Princess (the sultan's daughter). The sorcerer discovers Aladdin's plan and gets his hands on the lamp by tricking Aladdin. The sorcerer banishes Aladdin then orders the genie to make him the most powerful sorcerer. But, Aladdin returns and with the help of the princess he recovers the lamp and slays the sorcerer. Aladdin and the princess live happily ever after … Aladdin eventually following his father-in-law on the throne.